We invite you to the typical French regional dinner on Saturday:

The host for the regional dinner is LE THEATRE,  and there is also the option to purchase typical local products onsite by Maison Kieffer

Menu Saturday


  • Starter: Mix of local specialty ham and saugages 
  • Choucroute* with a glass of white wine or an organic beer

* Choucroute is a dish of Sauerkraut that is served with various smoked and cooked meats. It's usual to see Choucroute garnie on restaurant menus in the area Alcace. The traditional version of Choucroute garnie includes several kinds of smoked or cured pork, including ham hocks, knuckles, fresh sausages, smoked sausages, bacon, and sometimes even tongue. 


  • Tarte de saison* for desert

 * Tarte de saison is a typical French desert based on season fruit.


*pictures are examples and your plate may look different








And everybody should join the Gala dinner on Sunday:

The special location for the gala dinner is LE THEATRE, and we invite you for a typical Gastronomic Alsatian dinner incl. live music of Pascal-Thomas orchestra.

The BCF offers you the best haute cuisine like you expect from France. As we all know, the world is changing day by day, and although we prepare a beautiful menu for you, at this moment we prefer not to share all details yet.
  • Menu*
    • Aperitif cocktail
    • French typical starter 
    • Freshwater fish in pastel
    • Fleischnaka revised
    • Plate of cheeses from our Mountains
    • French-style pastry home made


The dinner includes a glass of wine and the option to buy directly from the producer on site (Maison Kieffer)

** In case you prefer vegan or gluten free, please contact us. 


*pictures are examples and your plate may look different







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