Castle visit

Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, a majestic flagship of stone

As soon as you arrive at the base of the castle, you’ll be impressed by the stature of this exceptional monument. In front of the ramparts, you’ll feel as if time has come to a standstill. And yet, the castle has weathered nine centuries of tumultuous history.

Drawbridges, walls, towers and keeps: everything you’d imagine about medieval architecture takes form before your eyes. Once you’ve passed the high gate, you’ll walk through the lower courtyard with its inn, blacksmith’s shop and mill, to the spiral staircase leading directly to the furnished residence of the lord of the castle. A unique journey to the heart of everyday life in a medieval castle.

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Your booking includes:

  • 1 ticket of bus,
  • 1 ticket to visit the castle, 
  • A the visit to Riquewihr village  
  • The ticket and the degustation included
And 2 people will guide all the participants. One would speak English. 
** a minumum of 30 participants are required to organize this tour

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